If you want to be more in control, we want to talk to you

We want to have more freedom, but we also want to enjoy the benefits of a substantial organisation.

Every one of the owners of Pacific Consultants has worked for a large consultancy and we didn’t like it.  We are not huge, but in the building services sector we are significant enough to be taken seriously. We can win the large jobs … if that is what one of us wants.

You see, at Pacific Consultants those are the sort of choices we support each other to make. We all fully ‘own’ the projects we take on and relationships we built up. We each get to influence how a job is delivered and we each receive the acknowledgement and respect for what we do. Of course there are challenges, but we support each other through them.



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No matter where you are we would like to hear from you. If you are an applicant from over-seas don’t be deterred, because here at Pacific Consultants we are determined to source the best people for the job and are ready to help make it easy moving countries.

Pacific Consultants will support a successful applicant through the immigration process in conjunction with information and guidance from Immigration New Zealand and independent advice as necessary. NZ Resident status is automatically applied to Australian residents living in NZ and a work visa is not required. If you are coming from another country then please be ready to allow additional time for this application to be processed and approved.

The link to Immigration New Zealand is www.immigration.govt.nz .  Take the time to read through all the information available in the Settlement Services section which is for people wishing to move to New Zealand.

Here’s a useful link about using Immigration Advisers: www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/advice/ It’s not compulsory to use an adviser, but applications will be refused if you opt to use one who is unlicensed.

Independent advisers can also assist you with your application if necessary, however this will incur additional fees. More information is available at www.iaa.govt.nz

Once settled in NZ there is ongoing support from 18 Settlement Support NZ offices located around the country. There is also a magazine which you can subscribe to LINKZ offering useful information about life in NZ. Selected government funded public services will also be available to you while living in NZ. If you want to make NZ your new home then it is possible to apply for citizenship in time. More information on this process is available from www.dia.govt.nz

Here’s a comprehensive checklist if you are considering moving to New Zealand. Note, some steps may not apply. The best option is to contact www.immigration.govt.nz or an Immigration Advisor to discuss your situation.