8 08, 2016

Valerio Giovannoni joins Pacific Consultants, Auckland Branch

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The team at Pacific Consultants are pleased to welcome Valerio Giovannoni as our latest addition to the Mechanical Engineering Team.

Valerio is a Mechanical Engineer with Masters degree in Engineering from the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. He  previously worked as a Project Engineer in the renewable energy and energy efficient industries for several years, and also in the Architectural industry in Sydney […]

7 03, 2016

Idrees Mussa joins Pacific Consultants, Auckland Branch

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The team at Pacific Consultants are pleased to welcome Idress Mussa as our new mechanical engineer.

Idrees is a recent graduate from AUT with a bachelor of engineering in mechanical. During his studies, he completed an internship with Fraunhofer, Europe’s leading research organisation and having previous experience as a development engineer, he is now taking up the position to […]

26 11, 2014

Cooling and Heating by Chilled Beams are Here to Stay

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Chilled beams is the world’s most recent technique for in-ceiling heating and cooling applications.

Simply based on a horizontal air coil with room air induced over it by a combination of buoyancy and induction air forces, the system’s benefits are;

A virtually silent system,
No moving parts, no fans,
No routine maintenance within the office space,
Low ceiling space […]

5 05, 2014

Carpark Ventilation Systems

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Tips and Tricks: No. 1, Carpark Ventilation Systems
When designing for a mechanical ventilation system, engineers follow the requirements of the NZ Building Code which stipulates AS1668 as an acceptable solution. AS1668 dictates the use of supply or extract air ducting or both with stringent requirements on the placement of supply and extract air grilles […]