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8 08, 2016

Jaisal Patel joins Pacific Consultants, Auckland Branch

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The team at Pacific Consultants are pleased to welcome Jaisal Patel as our latest addition to the Electrical team.

Jaisal is a recent graduate from the University of Queensland in Australia with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. Born and raised in Suva, Fiji, he completed an internship with the Fiji Electricity Authority, Fiji’s sole electricity generation […]

24 05, 2015

Mitigating Potential Terrorist Attacks on Buildings

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Terrorism is not an easy or pleasant topic of discussion, but in this day and age, it is a reality that we need to be prepared for, rather than experience the consequences.

As building professionals, it is incumbent upon all of us to at least address the issue when we are engaged in our normal […]

26 11, 2014

Cooling and Heating by Chilled Beams are Here to Stay

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Chilled beams is the world’s most recent technique for in-ceiling heating and cooling applications.

Simply based on a horizontal air coil with room air induced over it by a combination of buoyancy and induction air forces, the system’s benefits are;

A virtually silent system,
No moving parts, no fans,
No routine maintenance within the office space,
Low ceiling space […]

14 09, 2014

Natural Green Pools!

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Natural Green Pools is a new trend in the domestic swimming pool industry. Hopefully not due to the dreaded common algae (Pediastrum boryanum).

Whilst a private pool is an asset and a pleasure for the family, many people suffer from allergic reactions to chlorine, normally added to swimming pools as a disinfecting agent.

If you […]

24 08, 2014

Warranty Conditions of Contact

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Warranty Conditions of Contract for Fixtures Fittings & Equipment
Pacific Consultants are involved in a small number of South Pacific design building projects. Recently we ran into an issue with the warranty conditions of contract for equipment repair during the normal warranty period.

The manufacturer of the equipment had warrantied the equipment for replacement parts only but […]

7 07, 2014

LED: Lighting for the Future

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LED lighting technology is fast approaching maturity. We are at a stage where we now specify LED lighting as a matter of course for certain applications.

Today, LED lighting can deliver colour temperatures ranging between 2700K (warm white) to 4000K (cool white) that maintain a very high colour rendering quality that are similar to fluorescent […]

16 06, 2014
  • New Zealand seismic activity
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    Services Must be Seismically Restrained to Comply with Clause H1 of the NZ Building Code

Services Must be Seismically Restrained to Comply with Clause H1 of the NZ Building Code

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Whilst the seismic restraining of building services is nothing new to the industry, the recent earthquakes in Canterbury have generated new emphasis on the design and installation of seismic restraints in buildings.


The standard that we all have to comply with is NZS 4219:2009. The following are an example of the requirements and stipulations contained […]

8 05, 2014
  • domestic hot water systems NZ Building Code
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    Domestic Hot Water Systems to Comply with H1, NZ Building Code

Domestic Hot Water Systems to Comply with H1, NZ Building Code

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Tips and Tricks: No. 2, Domestic Hot Water Systems
Generally design professionals, in dealing with the NZBC clause H1, address issues relating to building thermal insulation.

Additionally, H1 also addresses issues of ventilation, lighting design and domestic hot water generation.

A pertinent aspect is the restriction imposed on the length of hot water piping between a domestic […]

5 05, 2014

Carpark Ventilation Systems

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Tips and Tricks: No. 1, Carpark Ventilation Systems
When designing for a mechanical ventilation system, engineers follow the requirements of the NZ Building Code which stipulates AS1668 as an acceptable solution. AS1668 dictates the use of supply or extract air ducting or both with stringent requirements on the placement of supply and extract air grilles […]