Electrical Engineering (The branch of engineering that specializes in the design, construction, and practical uses of electrical systems).At Pacific Consultants, we very much focus on the practical uses.

Building Services Electrical Engineering possibly covers the widest range of applications. Some of the areas where we provide design and documentation services include:

• Electrical Power Distribution and Control Systems.
• Standby Power Systems.
• Renewable Energy Systems.
• Architectural Interior and Exterior Lighting and Lighting Control Systems.
• Emergency Lighting Design.
• Communications and Structured Cabling Systems.
• Security Systems.
• Multimedia Systems.
• Specialist Hospital Systems (i.e. Nurse-Call, Emergency-Call and Duress Systems),
• Integration of all of the above systems.

As Electrical Engineers, we design and document systems that enhance our day to day lives. Most of what we do is very left brain and cleverly hidden away from sight quietly going about its business. Very occasionally, we get the opportunity let the right side brain loose! Architectural lighting is a perfect example of this.

With our 3D lighting models, we can accurately simulate both artificial and daylight conditions to maximise the best of both worlds in designing dynamic lighting environments. These dynamic lighting solutions have the ability to extend the hours of operation of spaces well beyond the bounds of the standard 9-5 office. The spaces can also undergo transformations from cool clinical task oriented spaces to warm, welcoming socializing ones.

Our Valuable Auckland Team Members


AJ Matar

Electrical Engineer
B.E Tech (Electrical)



Manuel Jr Tan

Electrical Engineer
B. Sci (Electrical)